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This Weekend’s Amazing Show Line-up:
Would you just look at the weekend fun we have planned...
This Weekend’s Amazing Piano Show Show Line-up:
Wednesday Patio Show – Payton Collier starting at 9pm
Thursday Early Show – Matt Soverns at 8pm
Thursday Main Show –Jay Jones at 10pm
Friday Main Show - Jay Jones, Brittany Brumfield, Jake Tyler, and Payton Collier- 9pm-3am
Saturday Main Show –-Jay Jones, Brittany Brumfield, Jake Tyler, and Terrell Keys - 8pm-3am
and Kyle Perkon on drums!​

Heck Ya Specials for the Weekend!
Wednesday Specials - Half off Boneless Wings, $3 Wells and Domestics, $4 Craft and Imports, $4 Jack Daniels Fire and Honey
Thursday Specials - Half off Appetizers, $3 Domestics, $4 Wells, $5 Craft and Imports, $5 Smirnoff Bombs, $6 Vegas Bombs
Friday Specials - $5 Smirnoff Bombs, $6 Absolut, $6 Captain Morgan, $6 Vegas Bombs
Saturday Patio Show starts at 7pm
Saturday Specials - $5 Smirnoff Bombs, $6 Vegas Bombs, $6 Crown Upside-Down Cake
$6 New Amsterdam Vodka

​​​​​​​​​Who's Playing in the House?

Talent List
Rob Steidel , Jay Jones, Will O'Keefe
Tod Baldwin, Jeremy Oren
Bobby Egan, Katie Pederson
Neil Haven, Ben Avci, Matt Monk
Ethan Monk, Tim Harper, Joel Norman
William Witherington (Wild Bill)
Lorri Hess, Brandon Crawford
Adam Saxe, Jon White, Kaleen Dolan,

Pamela Hopkins, Joanna Miller,

Nate Sangsland, Per Williamson,

Matt Soverns, Spencer Selbert,

Troy Neihardt, Payton Collier, April Osborn,

Benito DiBartoli, Brandon Boerner
Amy Elizabeth, Marrialle Sellars, Brittany Brumfield, Jake Tyler, Memphis Drake, Terrell Keys
Kyle Perkon (Drummer)
Benito DiBartori (Guitar)
Gus Moon (Guitar)
Branch Gordon (Guitar)
Ryan Puett (Guitar)
Ross David (Guitar)
Daniel Klienscmidt (Guitar)
Bradley Mitchell (Guitar)
Kyle Bledsoe (Guitar)
Chris Burch (Guitar)

​Brad Mitchell (Guitar)

Schedule of Shows

Our show times and player availability are subject to

change due to possible bad weather and player availability.   

Wednesday: Piano Show  Start at 9:00pm.  

Show will extend if crowd calls for it.

Thursday: Piano Show from Start at 9pm.  

Show will extend if crowd calls for it.


Piano Show inside 9pm. - 3am. 


Piano Show from 5pm - 3am.